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Faceting numeric and date ranges - Apache Solr 3 Enterprise Search Server [Book]

Born to code, David Smiley is a senior software engineer, book author, conference speaker, and instructor. David is the principal author of "Solr 1. David plays a lead technical role in a large-scale Solr project in which he has implemented geospatial search based on geohash prefixes, wildcard ngram query parsing, searching multiple multi-valued fields at coordinated positions, part-of-speech search using Lucene payloads, and other things.

He has contributed code to Lucene and Solr and is active in the open-source community.

Apache Solr 3 Enterprise Search Server

He also used the competing Endeca commercial product, too, but hopes to never use it again. Fascinated by the 'craft' of software development, Eric Pugh has been heavily involved in the open source world as a developer, committer, and user for the past five years.

Apache Solr Tutorial for Beginners -1 - Apache Lucene Tutorial -1 - Solr Search Tutorial - Edureka

He is an emeritus member of the Apache Software Foundation and lately has been mulling over how we solve the problem of finding answers in datasets when we don't know the questions ahead of time to ask. In biotech, financial services, and defense IT, he has helped European and American companies develop coherent strategies for embracing open source search software.

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As a speaker, he has advocated the advantages of Agile practices with a focus on testing in search engine implementation. The patch was subsequently cleaned up and enhanced by three other individuals, demonstrating the power of the open source model to build great code collaboratively.

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Finally, we'll cover various deployment considerations to include indexing strategies and performance-oriented configuration that will enable you to scale Solr to meet the needs of a high-volume site. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best.

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Start reading. Quick Starting Solr An introduction to Solr Lucene, the underlying engine Solr, a Lucene-based search server Comparison to database technology Getting started Solr's installation directory structure Solr's home directory and Solr cores Running Solr A quick tour of Solr Loading sample data A simple query Some statistics The sample browse interface Configuration files Resources outside this book Summary 2.

Apache Solr 3 Enterprise Search Server by Eric Pugh, David Smiley

Schema and Text Analysis MusicBrainz. Searching Your first search, a walk-through Solr's generic XML structured data representation Solr's XML response format Parsing the URL Request handlers Query parameters Search criteria related parameters Result pagination related parameters Output related parameters Diagnostic related parameters Query parsers and local-params Query syntax the lucene query parser Matching all the documents Mandatory, prohibited, and optional clauses Boolean operators Sub-queries Limitations of prohibited clauses in sub-queries Field qualifier Phrase queries and term proximity Wildcard queries Fuzzy queries Range queries Date math Score boosting Existence and non-existence queries Escaping special characters The Dismax query parser part 1 Searching multiple fields Limited query syntax Min-should-match Basic rules Multiple rules What to choose A default search Filtering Sorting Geospatial search Indexing locations Filtering by distance Sorting by distance Summary 5.

Search Relevancy Scoring Query-time and index-time boosting Troubleshooting queries and scoring Dismax query parser part 2 Lucene's DisjunctionMaxQuery Boosting: Automatic phrase boosting Configuring automatic phrase boosting Phrase slop configuration Partial phrase boosting Boosting: Boost queries Boosting: Boost functions Add or multiply boosts?

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  6. Function queries Field references Function reference Mathematical primitives Other math ord and rord Miscellaneous functions Function query boosting Formula: Logarithm Formula: Inverse reciprocal Formula: Reciprocal Formula: Linear How to boost based on an increasing numeric field Step by step… External field values How to boost based on recent dates Step by step… Summary 6. Faceting A quick example: Faceting release types MusicBrainz schema changes Field requirements Types of faceting Faceting field values Alphabetic range bucketing Faceting numeric and date ranges Range facet parameters Facet queries Building a filter query from a facet Field value filter queries Facet range filter queries Excluding filters multi-select faceting Hierarchical faceting Summary 7.

    Search Components About components The Highlight component A highlighting example Highlighting configuration The regex fragmenter The fast vector highlighter with multi-colored highlighting The SpellCheck component Schema configuration Configuration in solrconfig.