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This judgment was affirmed by the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals.

In addition, Dave won summary judgment on federal claims stemming from alleged repeat violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and invasion of privacy laws against a national lease-to-own company. Broadly speaking, Dave argued that his client, as a first party creditor, was not subject to certain federal laws aimed at regulating the actions of debt collectors.

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This decision was also upheld by the appellate courts. Dave had unique experiences which helped develop and hone his litigation skills. After completing law school, he clerked for the Honorable Bruce E. He also worked as a local campaign manager for Congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama.

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Outside of the office, Dave enjoys taking trips with his wife, Carlee, and two boys, Watson and Sam. Practice Groups. But even before his downfall, he feared the violence he had unleashed would catch up with him: it was rumoured that he never ate in the same restaurant twice for fear of assassination. When he was arrested in and sentenced to 35 years in prison, it seemed he had at least escaped with his life.

Today, his life was ended as brutally as it been lived, when he was clubbed to death with part of an exercise bicycle in the exercise yard of a high-security prison. Williams, dubbed the "smiling assassin", was attacked from behind by two inmates as he sat at a table in the yard.

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He died at the scene. A one-time labourer and high school dropout, Williams, 39, in the late s snatched control of Australia's illegal drugs trade from the Moran family who had dominated the Melbourne underworld for three generations. Williams began his criminal career as a footsoldier in the Moran organisation. But a feud erupted with the Morans when they discovered he had been using their amphetamine labs to make his own batches and undercutting their prices.

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For his treachery, they ambushed him in a park and shot him in the stomach. While Williams told police he could not identify his attacker, the incident triggered a series of vicious and very public tit-for-tat murders.

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About 35 people died in the gangland war, including Jason Moran, who was shot in front of some witnesses after watching his children playing at a Saturday morning football match. Amid the spiralling violence, Williams and his then wife Roberta seemed to revel in his role as Australia's most notorious crime figure.

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The vendetta inspired a hit television series, Underbelly, the third series of which is currently being screened on Australian television. Andrew Rule, who co-authored the Underbelly books on which the TV series was based, said Williams' killing was "another episode in a very violent life". Williams was arrested in , and in admitted ordering and paying for the murder of Jason Moran, his father Lewis and his brother Mark.

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He also admitted conspiring to murder Mark Mallia, a drug dealer whose body was found in a burning wheelie bin in He was sentenced to 35 years. During a hearing at the Victoria supreme court, Williams sat behind bullet-proof glass flanked by seven security guards, laughed and showed no remorse.

Passing sentence, Judge Betty King told him: "You are a killer and a cowardly one who employed others to do the actual killing, whilst you hid behind carefully constructed alibis.