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2. Be willing to let go of those things that don’t feel joyful

Or at the bottom of a well, with worries pouring in on top of them.

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Or in a train driving off a cliff. Out of control. For those of us suffering from money anxiety, thinking that "the more money we earn or possess, the healthier our relationship with money will be" is nothing more than an illusion, writes Hewitt.

How to Live an Abundant Life

So what does it take to transform our attitudes about money, to move beyond anxiety to contentment? I had lunch recently with Hewitt to ask him that question. Some of his answers were what I expected, coming from the head of wealth management firm: Careful planning and disciplined budgeting. At first that seems counterintuitive.

"I AM" Subliminal Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Happiness & Abundance

Giving time, stuff and money away makes you feel better about your financial situation? How can that be?

50 Abundance Affirmations That Work Fast

It's also about letting go, about giving up the conceit that we "genuinely own our possessions" and recognizing that, "whenever we tighten our grasp, we invariably lose our grip. There is something about adopting a "generosity discipline" that loosens our tendency to clutch, strive and grasp for more.

Abundance is present in love, joy, happiness, creativity, appreciation, opportunities and so much more. They live with hearts filled with appreciation and reverence for each day, sometimes each moment. If you find it tricky to feel abundant, one of the first things you can do is be more mindful about the energy that you bring to any given situation. Hint: Set powerful intentions and get some clarity.

Forget Money: 7 Ways To Create More Abundance And Live Rich

Choosing to feel abundance can be as easy as making yourself a beautiful fresh green salad or pouring yourself a glass of clean drinking water. So when you gently guide your energy and choose to rise above the potential hindrances you might experience with LOVE, then you are living in a state of true abundance with the innate gifts the Universe wants you to utilize.

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When you choose gratitude, joy, peace, harmony and stillness then magic unfolds and you experience happiness and remember that ABUNDANCE is all around you right now, in this very moment and that there is so much to be grateful for. Start Manifesting Here.

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