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In Search of Mary: The Mother of All Journeys, by Bee Rowlatt - book review | The Independent

Sampson has written a book that finally answers the question of how it was that a nineteen-year-old came to write a novel so dark, mysterious, anguished, and psychologically astute that it continues to resonate two centuries later. No previous biographer has ever truly considered this question, let alone answered it. Fiona Sampson is a poet who has been shortlisted twice for the T. Eliot Prize and the Forward Prize. Please visit her at www. In Search of Mary Shelley The Girl Who Wrote Frankenstein Fiona Sampson Coinciding with the th anniversary of the publication of Frankenstein in , a prize-winning poet delivers a major new biography of Mary Shelley—as she has never been seen before.

The ground on which [Shelley] stands, the very apartments in which she lived, are freshly illuminated, newly imagined, helping us draw closer to this fascinating but elusive writer. And she does it in a way that is unapologetically selective, giving us her Mary in a series of "freeze frames" or tableaux: biography by lightning flashes.

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If you are after bravura scene-setting, however, and an ardent inhabiting of the book's subject, Ms. Here she is writing to her friend Marianne Hunt:. Out of the material we would most of us find overwhelming she created an astonishing life. Article Browser History Is Short. More articles.

In Search of Mary: The Mother of all Journeys

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  • But then, like her creation, Shelley spent her life as a social outsider. Most Popular. By Jonah Goldberg.

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