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Elmore Editor ; Gregory A. Methods Matter by Richard J. Murnane; John B. Goodwin Call Number: LB Mertens; Pauline E. Ginsberg Call Number: H62 H Mertens Editor Call Number: Hanneman; Augustine J. Kposowa; Mark D. Riddle Call Number: Newton Call Number: Viney Editor ; Beverly M. Network Sociologies of Education Network Reserach on Arts Education. Research on Environmental und Sustainability Education Network Research on Language and Education LEd.

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Organizational Education. Gender and Education Additional Events. Emerging Researchers' Conference. Breadcrumb Navigation. Main Content. Educational Leadership. Contribution What processes and interventions make certain schools display good results year after year, while other schools do not manage to break a negative result development? Student outcome during a ten-year period is taken into account.

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The data displays that despite the fact the schools in Sweden are governed by the same national legislation and within the same institutional frames there exists a large variation between schools when it comes to student outcome. Describing the model we discuss contextual and individual factors of importance to student outcomes and how they were ruled out in the selection of cases by controlling for relevant variables in the statistical analysis. In the second part of the article we briefly outline the design of the qualitative case study, in which the method of process-tracing will be used to tell the story of the development of the selected schools during the ten year period.

Expected Outcomes The outcome of the article is two-folded.

Qualitative vs. Quantitative

First, we present the result of the longitudinal design of the case selection process. Second, we propose the process-oriented model for the study of educational effectiveness that will contribute to the ongoing debate on methodological approaches in educational effectiveness research. Finally, we discuss the implications of the findings for the development of educational effectiveness research and provide some suggestion for further research.

References George A. Klas Andersson presenting. Ulf Blossing. Didactics — Learning and Teaching Network Reserach on Arts Education Network Organizational Education Network Bayesian unknown change-point models to investigate immediacy in single case designs.

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  • Methodological Advances in Educational Effectiveness Research (Quantitative Methodology Series).
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