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If you are using any gel based or light weight moisturizer, continue using it. Trust me. You can increase the frequency of usage of your light moisturizer from once to twice a day if you feel the need to. Tweak: Wherever you have dry patches, apply your moisturizing lotion or cream only on those areas. The idea here is to hydrate only the dry parts of your face. There are quite a few options available in the market. Gel-based sunscreen is usually recommended for oily-skin.

If you have dry patches on your face, first apply moisturizer only on dry patches then wait for a few minutes before you follow it up with your sunscreen lotion. Always keep acne spot application cream handy to tackle sudden break-outs.

1. Cold Weather

You can use Tea tree oil, calamine lotion or salicylic acid based creams for this purpose. Again this is for spot application only! If you have any experiences with respect to oily skin or just want to tell me how this tweaked winter CTMP worked out for you, leave a comment below or mail the lovely Plum People!

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Are you making these 5 winter skincare mistakes? You can view the link below to explore the products in this range. We hope we have been able to address your query. For further information you can call us or whatsapp us on Hiii I have pimples and dark spots on my face can u suggest some tips to clear my problem on facee. Hvng combination skin types rght now using cetaphil gentle cleanser….

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Haircare Shampoos. Hair Mask. Body Scrubs. Body Lotions. Body Butters. Hand Creams. Foot Creams. Makeup Eye Make-Up. Makeup Remover. Bundles Of Goodness. Contact Us. Plum Rewards. Find A Store. The itchy feeling may worsen the severity of dry skin. Itching can lead to the development of the " itch -scratch" cycle. That is, as a person feels itchy, he or she scratches in response, which exacerbates the itch, and so on. The itch-scratch cycle is often seen when conscious control of scratching is low or absent, for instance during sleep. Constantly scratching and rubbing the skin may cause the skin to become thick and leathery.

For others, small, red, raised bumps may appear on their skin, and these bumpy spots can be irritated, opened, and infected if scratched. How do health care professionals diagnose dry skin? Generally, dry skin can be easily diagnosed when the physician visually inspects the skin. While dry skin can appear on any type of skin at any age, the elderly and individuals who frequently expose their skin to soaps or detergents are more prone to developing this condition.

In addition, a thorough medical history and review of the family history can help support the diagnosis of dry skin.

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Based on the medical history, other medical conditions may be ruled out or considered. In more difficult cases, a skin biopsy may be helpful to confirm the diagnosis and direct the treatment plan. Does dry skin cause winter itch? Winter itch is a common name for the skin symptom of generalized itching in the winter.

It is primarily caused by dry skin and is most common in the elderly. Winter itch caused by dry skin may also be seen in those with a history of eczema.

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External factors, including cold temperatures, low humidity, and the use of central heat, tend to worsen dry skin during the winter season. Therefore, some people refer the condition of dry skin in the winter as "winter itch. Do genetics play a role in dry skin? Dry skin may be mimicked by a genetic condition called ichthyosis. There are many types of ichthyosis. Ichthyosis vulgaris is the most common type and it is a severe scaly skin condition, often of the front of the lower legs.

Ichthyosis vulgaris causes dry, fishlike scales. This type of ichthyosis tends to run in families. Dry skin is a major manifestation of atopic dermatitis , which has a genetic component. What medical conditions cause dry skin? Certain physiological changes and medical conditions may cause dry skin.

The onset of dry skin may be due to aging or hormonal changes, as seen in menopausal women. In some cases, individuals who have medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, diabetes , or malnutrition for example, deficiency of vitamin A may suffer from xerosis. I also agree to receive emails from MedicineNet and I understand that I may opt out of MedicineNet subscriptions at any time. Do any medications cause dry skin?

Medications for medical conditions like high blood pressure such as diuretics , cholesterol -lowering drugs , and acne such as retinoids like Retin A and isotretinoin may also dry out the skin. What is the treatment for dry skin? The best treatment for dry skin is daily lubrication with an emollient a substance that inhibits the evaporation of water. Because most dry skin is due to external causes, external treatments like creams and lotions can be applied and effectively control the skin problem. Often, dry skin can be improved by applying a bland over-the-counter moisturizer. Once other causes of dry skin have been ruled out, the main goals of treatments are to stop the itching, prevent loss of water , and restore skin hydration.

Highly moisturizing products that characteristically do not flow out of the jar when inverted for severe dry skin. As a general rule, only mild corticosteroid creams like hydrocortisone should be used on the face, underarm, and groin areas. Long-term application of strong corticosteroid creams like fluocinonide may cause serious adverse effects, including skin thinning, stretch marks , and skin breakdown.

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