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Children on the autism spectrum are often highly visual learners, making colour a powerful and motivating learning tool. This book explains how colour coding helps young people with autism to generalise lessons already learnt.

For example, assigning the colour aqua to all personal care activities or the colour purple to timetabling and transitions establishes clear, visual categories. This allows children to draw on learnt experiences, which creates a sense of order, reduces anxiety, and can aid communication, understanding emotions, organisation, coping with change and diversifying diet.

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A wealth of tried-and-tested printable resources to enable the practical application of colour coding in the classroom and at home are included on a CD-ROM. Articles Adele writes a regular two page feature, as one of the experts for Teach Nursery Magazine. Read sample articles by Adele Devine. To request editorial or to offer feedback contact adele senassist. Available for bookings Adele is available for INSET days, training, speaking at events or conferences or private consultancy. To arrange training, speaking or consultation or to offer feedback contact adele senassist.

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Track Orders. They were creating a shared universe called ReDeus. The premise was breathtaking: At the opening of the Olympic Games on July 27th, , the gods of myth and legend — all of them, Zeus and Odin and Anu and Cernunnos and Abeguwo and and Yu-huang and Osiris and Ilmatar and Shiva and Kukulcan, seriously, all of them!

Got that? Okay, now jump forward twenty years, and write a story in the world that has been transformed. There was just one catch: they wanted to launch the book at Shore Leave , which meant the deadline for submissions was July 10th.

क्या सच में रावण ने भगवान् राम के लिए किया था यज्ञ, जाने पूरी कथा !

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