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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

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Table of contents. I am exhilarated and disturbed in equal measure. This echoes the reality of the Great Spirit, the God, that encounter and am ever drawn to with eternal longing. Wonderful writing. This beautiful little book with Rima's art was just perfect. This is a wonderful poem and it feels so magical to have a copy in my home. I love this little book and the message it carries.

And friends. I love this poem its very dramatic, not sure I understand it all but that doesn't matter. I heard Tom Hirons speak it on your site and every time I read it, it brings back his voice. Also love the edition which matches the two other books I own.

Never Always Sometimes

I read this poem online via a friend's post and was so taken by it that I was straight to the website to purchase. At that point I had not even considered how it would be presented. So my delight was multiplied by the wonderful illustrations and the feel of the paper. Love it so much :.

I love this little book, an uncommon treasure. Beautiful words with beautiful illustrations.

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I read it out loud on my radio show in an interview with Tom Cowan and it made him gasp at one point. Enough said, really. I really loved this beautiful poem.

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It brought back childhood experiences and I felt I had also met this God many many years ago in a dark Northern wood. The illustrations complimented the poem. This is a wonderful Poem, presented in a beautiful and heartfelt manner. This is a piece of art that calls to be shared and spread to those who have met with the wild god in their own ways.

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These are almost like handmade books perhaps they are handmade! The small format makes them easy to tuck into a pocket to read in the field. As a self-published writer myself, I love to see other writers take command of the process and get their work directly to readers. The Poem: There is a reason why I ordered 7 copies. This piece of work touched me very deeply and I bought extra copies for my siblings. It struck my on several levels.

Never Always Sometimes

One from a personal spiritual place and two, because I am a man who is 56 years old and sometimes "wonders how I got so old and where my passions went". Hiron's work has indeed, "Brought the Dead Back to Life". The Book: Ms. Staines illustrations are beautiful and very much a part of the experience. I would strongly suggest that one takes the time to look at them closely. I am in love with her artwork. The book itself is well constructed, well printed.

It makes a fine gift and an even finer little book to place by one's bedside. I made a personal commitment to myself to memorize this poem It is worth the effort. My only regret? That I do not live in England so that I can find their caravan and listen to their stories being told as they should be. Makes me smile.

I love this book and have bought a few for friends as gifts. Stunning poetry, evocative, challenging, truly inspirational. The book and the illustrations are beautifully made, the poem is simply stunning. This book came in excellent condition, well packed for it's journey across the pond. It's beautiful and a very textile experience. I am familiar enough with the content but the size, page quality, art and everything just adds to a wonderful reading experience. If you enjoy collecting beautiful poetry books to read this is the book for you. Hedgespoken fulfilled my order in a timely fashion and my book arrived safe and sound!

Thank you! I love this little book, each page gives me pause. To wonder about the beautiful of the text and illustrations. The book is beautifully printed. Small enough to slip in a coat pocket, to steal out and read for a minute, to give you comfort on a long day. I ordered it, sure. But it was still a pleasant surprise when a small package showed up in my post office box. An envelope really, it felt more substantial than it's size. This package was exactly what I was hoping for. My ideal is a book that is condensed down. Wisdom captured with fewer words.

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Both books were written by Tom Hirons, with artwork by Rima Staines. They are beautifully designed; small gifts from another place. I wish I knew more about the place where these books came from, but that just leaves more to my imagination. One book is a poem: Sometimes a Wild God, and the other is a poetic account of subsisting for a year on nettles, among other things. That one is called Nettle-Eater.

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I saw a brief mention of these books passing through my twitter feed, and I took a chance and ordered them. I'm glad I did. These are books for tossing in a pack when you head out for a day or even a couple of nights. Something of the wild, something of the magic that living in their world bestows upon us. I can tell you that I'll treasure these small books. On a warm spring day at my campsite in Sequoia National Park, and future days at other campsites.

Do yourself a wild favor: order both of these books.

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  • They'll be good for you. Well-made and beautifully written, I cherish my Hedgespoken book! Highly recommended - what's not to love? I bought this for a dear dear man who Is journeying in a hard and dark place. It was the first offering to break through to him in a long time. It is becoming part of the slow-made fabric of a life. These are words of power. Some love it, some were a bit bamboozled. I like that the author had them take responsibility for their actions even while you get an understanding of how this kind of thing can take place.

    This is a quick, entertaining read if you're in the mood for some light YA.