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Your solution is not a work around, it is precisely what you must do to properly configure custom main and edge colours. Hello again Trevor.

I always used LDGLite because of that error on my mac. It wasn't a big problem for me so i go on with that. If I simply change rendering driver to LDGlite it works again. So I suppose the problem is LDview.

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Can You suggest us a modification to try? Your custom colour configuration is a little bit advanced so you should be aware of the renderer configuration. LPub3D allows you to view and edit these files from the Ui.

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It would also be helpful to have some more information than 'not working anymore'. If you follow the support URL, you can see the issue template that suggests the kinds of information that can help to quickly solve your behaviour. If the model file is open when you change renderers, the model cache is cleared and new images for the new renderer are generated. So your configuration is not well received by LDView. If your behaviour is the stud is no longer showing a black side i. Certainly, there can be other causes but it's difficult to know which 'rabbit hole' to enter with the information provided.

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I added it at the end of file, into Ldraw Internal Common Material colours. Then, file ldr inside an empty folder so there are no cached images. It's a simple free form placed over plate :. Then change the rendering drive to LDview, close Lpub3d, delete all files inside directory except for ldr file and reopen Lpub3d. Open the same file and I got this:. LDraw reserved colour codes are between 0 and Extended codes can only be used with lines.

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  8. It is not used with the 0! Tried first with borderline :-D and also with but same result. So go on with test i do this:.

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    First, i open ldview Ldview use the same ldraw dir path. And i see the 3d render exactly as Lpub3d, without black cylinder. Then i used Model tree command on ldview to look at plate and I noticed that ldview read the stud. So I changed stud. The one inside ldraw dir and the one inside complete. Again open ldview and same result. No black shadow. So i don't know why but i disabled on ldview the Primitive Substituttion the blue dot in the top bar and i got this immediately:. White edges with my custom color code Balck cylinder And using LDview rendering driver!

    Well with your instructions i found this setting is not inside ldview. Little update: to change the black color of cylinder inside parts not the stud but the little pipe inside you have to modify the same line cyli but of stud3.

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    Hi there! I just ran onto a very strange issue But as soon as I turn it on, all the other edges turn black which is obviously what I want, but the black part edges turn dark gray!! Is there another location to define the black part edges colors in case the LDViw option to render all the edges as black is turned on? Having said all that, it looks like LDView is automatically updating the edge line colour for black parts when BackHighlights is set to On.

    If you are using a custom defined colour code to enable the whithe edge lines, it is likely that LDView is bypassing the assigned custom colour code and using directly the edge colour code for Black [0] when BlackHighlight is set to On.

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    You may have plat a little bit with the LDConfig. You could start by redefining the edge colour for Black to white versus using a custom colour code.

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    Hi Trevor, Yes you're right like often the case!! Having said that, I also searched a little bit more on the LDView side, and yes, it looks like there is some kind of built-in override which is independent from the color definition of the ldconfig. So like you suggest, I finally built a custom LDconfig. Aside from the LDView Help. Perhaps, your best option is to search or start a discussion on the LDraw.

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    Alternatively, if you like pain, you can take a shot at reviewing the source code on GitHub. Always black Default: Off : This option is only available if edge lines are enabled. Enabling it causes all edge lines to be drawn in black or dark gray. This can be particularly useful to part authors, as it causes the edge lines for the default color light gray to be much more visible. Dark gray edges are used on dark colors, and black edges are used on all other colors.

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