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Try moving the lever, and observe that it will make one head face the key mold, and breath ice, and it will move another head to face the other mold, and pour water into it. You may try various positions for the lever, but you can't get water into the key mold, so what do you do? Well, the other mold made a stick of ice, and ice is just frozen water.

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Now, you may place the stick in there, and you must melt the stick. To accomplish this, you must redirect the sunray to the ice stick. Make another ice stick, and examine the sunray while you are holding the ice stick, and melt the other ice stick. Proceed to freeze the water, and stick the resulting key in the hole, and retrieve the Verbitterung Axe.

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This article is a stub. Sign In Don't have an account? A mysterious key bestowed upon the Keyper by the Crystal Entity, imbued with an aura of forbidden magic. It fits no locks, yet it can open anything. Sprite Credits: Trensient. Untiered Rings UT. Snake Eye Ring.

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Crystal Bone Ring. Candy Ring. Fairy Ring. Ring of Divine Faith.

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Amulet of Dispersion. Experimental Ring.


Coral Ring. Ring of the Sphinx. Ring of the Nile. Ring of the Pyramid.

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  • Crystallised Mist. Bracer of the Guardian. The Twilight Gemstone. The Forgotten Crown. Bloodshed Ring. Magical Lodestone. Omnipotence Ring. The Forgotten Ring.

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    Spectral Ring of Horrors. Honey Circlet. Horrific Claws. Heavenly Magatama. Amulet of Drakefyre. Bloodstone Ring.

    Revenant Ring. Hivemind Circlet. Ring of Pure Wishes. Ring of the Covetous Heart.