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The Fraud Compensation Fund FCF can help if a workplace pension scheme sometimes referred to as an occupational pension scheme has had its assets reduced due to an offence involving dishonesty.

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Trustees, scheme managers, members, scheme beneficiaries, scheme administrators and their representatives can all make an application for compensation. Any compensation will be paid directly to the trustees of the workplace occupational pension scheme. The FCF can under certain circumstances arrange for compensation to be paid to a pension scheme where all of the following conditions have been met:.

All applications to the FCF have to be made within certain deadlines. To find out more about the FCF and making an application to it for compensation, visit www. If you need more information, please contact us. A pension specialist from our team will be happy to help with whatever pensions-related question you have.

Our help is always free. I was following orders. And I feel like this whenever I hear -- I mean this is a trick that her ex-boss pulls all the time, right? Of saying "Listen, I'm the victim here. You're one of the most powerful people in a very powerful administration doing a lot of harm. So I really like watching this pattern of people, and I think that this extends outside of this administration too, failing to step into the power they have to do good or to do harm.

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It really bothers me. You always get to blame someone else. And you see this with almost every issue. It's never someone's fault that there's not diversity inclusion in the workplace. It's never someone's fault that the policies we have are displacing people, literally. But like you said it's a really neat trick that powerful people get to do.

Ann: You're like "I just signed the memos and stood in front of the press and defended it and attended a lot of meetings okaying it. Ann: [Laughs] Yeah. Aminatou: So, you know, fuck Fortune Magazine. That's how I feel about that. Ann: Okay, well this is actually along the same lines in terms of recognizing the power that you have in a situation.

We want to talk about Katie Hill which this story is unfolding as we speak. But we also want to have Gina join us onstage to talk about this.

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I feel ever more confused but. Aminatou: Hot mess. Ann: Hot mess. Gina: Well Amina you were saying earlier because we're both huge fans of Reddit relationships that this is a key like "Am I the asshole? And as you said everyone sucks. Aminatou: Everyone sucks here. Everyone sucks here. Gina: So a few things are happening at once. Katie Hill is in the midst of a messy divorce with her husband whom she has publicly called abusive. She also admits to having had an affair with a female campaign staffer. She's our first openly bisexual member of Congress which is why I'm here as official bi commentator.

So she's out as bi -- no biggie.

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Aminatou: Hot, love it. Gina: We love it.

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Love to see it. Aminatou: Love to see it. Gina: But meanwhile she's like -- presumably, unclear, there's allegations of a thrupple happening between this campaign staffer. Ann: Also that's just a -- the allegation part comes because it was a campaign staffer. If she were just in a thrupple it'd be like. Aminatou: That's cool.

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Ann: Nothing word alleging, you know? Gina: Right. Whatever consenting adults want to get up to, right? It's cool. Ann: I just want to clarify it's about the campaign staffer part. Gina: Right, totally. It might've been a sex scandal. So it's like important -- let's disentangle a bit. So it's important to keep in mind that these allegations first cropped up on Red State, a conservative Breitbart-esque website.

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So yeah, Hill was apparently in this thrupple. The person involved was a woman who she was her boss and apparently they leaked a nude photo of Katie Hill hitting a bong and she's standing up naked. Aminatou: Classic revenge porn. And it seems that the images were released by the husband in an act of revenge porn, the ex. And the new new is that she is also alleged to have had an affair with a male campaign -- not campaign staffer, a congressional staffer.

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So after she broke up with the campaign staffer she got together with this guy. Aminatou: Millennials in office, love to see it. Aminatou: Right, and also can people hold multiple ideas right? Revenge porn is bad. No matter what the circumstance of how it unfolds it is awful and it's awful that she's going through that and the person who leaked the photos should be prosecuted. Like that is despicable no matter what the circumstances. Gina: In both California and D. And at the same time -- because I think the reason that I think about this story a lot is because people don't quite know how to talk about it and the media also doesn't know how to talk about it.

There's just an if you talk about it is it bad for women?

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Is it bad for sex? And are you a conservative bad person also talking about it?

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Or is it possible to say that thing that happened to her is bad but also talking about the complicated dynamic of office relationships, especially in this context where one of those relationships is illegal in the context that it happened. And also thinking about how you deploy your own power. Katie Hill is someone who has more power than a lot of the people that's she's alleged to have been with and I think that that is an important thing to talk about especially in this moment that we're in right now historically of these complicated dynamics.

Like power really affects the way we feel about ourselves. It affects the way we feel about the way sexual violence is deployed across society essentially. And so I think that you can hold more than one idea at the same time and we should talk about it.