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Cogley could see the defense table from the corner of his eye. His executive assistant, Jacqueline LaSalle, had moved Cogley's pen off his pad of paper and put it on the desk, something Cogley would never do. He was obsessive about there being a place for everything and everything being in its place. Pens were not meant to lie on polished tabletops, when there was a perfectly serviceable pad of paper available.

He smiled and looked for a moment at Jackie. Her bright green eyes and wide smile practically jumped out at him from under her red-brown hair. Jackie was telling him their preparations were complete. Cogley tugged once at the bottom of his plain brown suit coat. It was time for the main event. Cogley walked over to his opponent's table until he almost stood next to Warren. Side by side, prosecutor and defense attorney appeared to be a mismatch.

Warren towered over Cogley's thin, five-foot, five-inch frame. Cogley didn't let the mismatch deter him. He fixed his pale blue eyes on Warren and spread his arms wide -- his hands open and his palms up to show they were empty. Then he turned back to Judge Faure and gave her a smile that seemed to ask, "Who, me? As I can assure the court, I have no mind-control powers.

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I can only assume I must have been pointing a death ray or some equally fearsome weapon at you. Even as the judge struck her gavel repeatedly on the bench and demanded that order be restored to her court at once, Cogley knew his comment had had its desired effect: everyone in the courtroom was off his or her guard, unsure of what might come next. Especially the witness. As the laughter dwindled, Cogley looked back over his shoulder at the defense table and at his client, Aaron Cole, regretting what he saw.

Cole squirmed in his seat, then leaned over to Jackie, his discomfort obvious in the way he moved. LaSalle, is it wise for Mr. Cogley to upset the court this way? Jackie smiled, a look designed to give reassurance to the client. A look she'd had manifold opportunities to perfect. When Sam gets this way, he has them right where he wants them. Just watch. It's just that Mr. Warren was being somewhat imprecise in his speech. Words are still, after all, our tools, our most important means of communication I guess I just forgot myself. Cogley wants precision, I'll be more than happy to accommodate him," Warren said, his voice as edged as a Klingon bat'leth.

Then he continued, putting a slight pause between each of his words, to demonstrate how precise he could be. Sahirn P'Thall stared back at Cogley with a withering glare that the defense attorney would have called cold-blooded, if Kradians had circulatory systems. P'Thall was wearing his family clan's most formal attire, complete with the ceremonial tunic that proudly displayed the family stone in its sash.

Cogley also noticed that P'Thall's twin eyestalks did not point at him, but away from him, a gesture by which the Kradian signified that he regarded Cogley as unworthy at best, contemptuous at worst. P'Thall," Cogley started to ask and noticed that both eyestalks turned toward him, even as the Kradian's glare widened so much that his eyes seemed to explode from his eyestalks.

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  5. If Cogley had harbored any doubts about his assessment of P'Thall's feelings toward humans, they were dispelled. He did not even look at Aaron Cole, but waved his left hand in Cole's general direction in a gesture almost of dismissal. How do you think I feel about the grelth? Cole, equally enlightened?

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    Were it within my power, I would arrange for you to suffer the same richly deserved punishment that your client will endure. Cogley," Judge Faure said, and Cogley noticed she seemed to be leaning forward ever so slightly. During his long career as a defense attorney, Samuel Cogley had earned a reputation for three things. The first was for being an eccentric, a reputation enhanced by his borderline obsessive compulsiveness, manifested most noticeably in his love of books and equally strong dislike of computers.

    The second was his reputation for indulging in courtroom theatrics. This reputation was widespread, and Cogley was sure it had reached even here, to the vacation moon of Versailles in an out-of-the-way sector of United Federation of Planets space. Especially when his most recent courtroom theatrical, produced while he was representing Captain James T. Kirk in a court-martial, almost resulted in the destruction of Kirk's starship, the U. You don't nearly destroy a Constitution- class starship and expect the story won't spread. However, it was the third thing Cogley was famous for -- doggedly getting to the truth of the matters he litigated -- that usually prompted judges to allow him to engage in those theatrics designed to ferret out the truth.

    Those judges who were concerned about justice, anyway. Cogley had studied Judge Faure during the trial and was fairly sure he knew which type of magistrate she was. The next few minutes would either confirm or deny his assessment. No matter, I'll start at the beginning. A vacation moon for humans that simulates eighteenth-century France on Earth. It's primitive, doesn't allow spaceships or transporters or anything more advanced than horse-drawn carriages and oil lamps.

    Perfect for me, perhaps, but on Krador your family clan sells its engineering skills and technological expertise. Why would your family clan come to Versailles of all places? Why here? People tend to be more at ease, more natural when they're on vacation.

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    Not only my wives and fellow husband, but the wives and husbands of our children accompanied us. The castle we rented had to be large enough to accommodate all of us together. She had been here before. P'Thall, isn't that the real reason you came to Versailles, to meet the human Daleel had fallen in love with? Who my daughter loved was her own choice. He thumbed through its pages for a moment, as if consulting it for some elusive fact.

    This was part habit and part theater on the attorney's part. As I said, who she loved was her concern. P'Thall, considering her love for Aaron Cole cost your family both honor and stature among the other clans, as well as a good deal of business.

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    I thought you had arranged for your daughter to marry into the D'Quas, the family clan of your biggest customer, and when she refused, the D'Quas stopped doing business with you. Jackie then handed him several sheets of paper. Cogley took the papers, then turned back to P'Thall, who looked at him with fury seething behind his eyes. Then, very slowly and very deliberately, P'Thall said, "You were misinformed. Cogley turned to the prosecutor and calmly said, "I apologize and withdraw the comment.

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    For now. P'Thall, what is this? At first all expression leeched from his pale blue face. Then the fury that had burned in his eyes consumed his entire face. This was a private correspondence. I will have you arrested for stealing it from my office. P'Thall, has a recipient and a sender. In this case, you were the recipient. But after I explained to the D'Quas -- the senders of this correspondence -- what I needed and why, they were only too happy to supply me with a copy.