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For appointments with physicians at AHN Outpatient Center — Waterworks, or for diagnostic testing or screening services at the facility, call Same-Day Appointments. See a provider today, call Erie Region Some suffer from genuine stress incontinence, which is leaking of urine on coughing, sneezing or jumping, for instance.

Dr Pauline Chiarelli - Womens Waterworks

There is still a lot of debate about whether this is direct result of the loss of estrogen after the menopause. They may also leak and start to pass urine before they can get to the toilet. Other associated symptoms of the overactive bladder include frequency recurrent need to pass urine and nocturia need to pass urine at night leading to recurrent wakening. Some women also feel they need to pass urine, having only just done so.

Women's Waterworks - Curing Incontinence by Dr Pauline Chiarelli

All these may be connected to over activity of the muscle surrounding the bladder. The role of local estrogen in the management of urinary problems is complex.

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Estrogen replacement therapy has been shown to alleviate urgency, urge incontinence, frequency, nocturia, dysuria discomfort on passing urine and reduce urine infections. Genuine Stress Incontinence would not appear to be helped by estrogen alone, but it does seem to add to the action of other treatments currently used. Other strategies involve pelvic floor exercises. Many women have learnt these techniques for childbirth, but it is well worth revisiting them.

Pelvic-floor physiotherapists are the specialists in this field. They will then reassess and monitor improvements.

Dr. Susan Boyd Talks About WaterWorks

They often use recording of pelvic floor muscle function, and various devices to help women perform appropriate exercises, such as weighted vaginal cones, or vaginal trainers. Often the practice nurse or GP can suggest referral to these practitioners. Modern surgical methods, however, are as non-invasive as possible, and very rarely is a hysterectomy needed. Perimenopause — the phase before the menopause takes place and can last from 5 to 15 years.

Women's Waterworks: Curing Incontinence - Pauline E. Chiarelli - كتب Google

The average age of the menopause is Urethra — tube from bladder to outside through which urine is passed Urgency — needing to pass urine urgently! Urge incontinence — Involuntary leakage accompanied by, or immediately preceded by a strong desire to void. Urodynamics — the study of pressure and flow relationships in the investigation of functional disorders of the lower urinary tract LUT.

However, it is both curable and preventable. The author explains how Women's Waterworks operate and the important multi-functional role of the pelvic floor.

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